Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games In Canada

Playing online casino games has never been easier for Canadians who enjoy casino games and gambling, but don’t want the hassle or cost of getting to a casino. There might not even be a casino anywhere near you, and you may just want to play a few games for a short period of time at home or at work.

Playing online casino games is a massively growing industry and over $5 million is paid out every single day.  To get in on the action and having a chance of being one of these lucky winners, you will just need to decide which online casinos you want to sign up for.  The signing up process is easy and you will most often even get a free bonus or free spins for signing up.

What Online Casino Games Should You Play?

There is an utterly massive variety of games out there.  If you have never gambled at a casino before, start with slot machine games.  They are straightforward and easy to play and some websites offer over 600 different slot machine games for Canadians.

Most of the websites are divided into different easy to use tabs with the different types of games available.  Besides slots there will be sections for other online casino games like table games (baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack and craps).

There will be a progressives section, for a host of different online casino games that use progressive jackpots, where the jackpot bonus increases every time people play a series of networked games.  Whoever wins gets the entire pot, which could leave you a staggeringly rich Canadian.  Video poker is also hugely popular, and there is always a great array of video poker online casino games to pick from.

More About Online Video Poker

In video poker you are pitted against the dealer to see who holds the best/strongest hand.  Video poker is certainly a game of strategy and skill, and there is big money to be won on video poker for Canadians playing online casino games. There are single and multi-handed options, and you will soon discover which format you prefer.  In multi-handed video poker some of the options you could pick from would be four play, ten play, 50 play and 100 play video poker. You definitely do need to understand the rules of poker before giving it a go.  We will explain the rules to get you going here.

Video Poker Basics

  • You will be dealt five cards initially which will make up your hand.
  • The aim of the game is to get yourself a winning hand by either holding onto or getting rid of the cards you were given in the initial hand.
  • When you replace cards you take new ones from an upside down deck.
  • You are aiming for a high value hand of cards; this makes your odds of winning better.
  • You will place bets going on if you feel you have a stronger hand than the dealer or not.
  • The winnings you get are determined by the strength of the cards in your hand.

Doubling phase – in the online casino games version of poker you get a bonus doubling phase.  You get this if you can draw a card with a higher value than your dealers’ card. If you do win that round your winnings increase and you continue with the doubling phase.

online casino free bonus

Online Casino Free Bonus Offers

Free Bonus Offers, coupled with the comfort of playing all of your favourite casino games in the comfort of your favourite armchair, are what sets online casinos apart from the rest.  Land-based casinos do not have the infrastructure and particular mode of function to be able to incorporate free bonus offers.

It’s easy for new players to become confused as a result of the various bonus offers on display on Canada’s online casino sites.  In essence, there is actually nothing confusing about online casino free bonus offers, and a basic explanation is bound to clear up any confusion.

Types Of Online Casino Free Bonus Offers

There are two main types of online casino free bonus offers.  The first of these – and the most common of the two in casinos in Canada – is the Play Only Bonus.  This type of bonus is retained in a separate account by the online casino, and may only be used to wager.  The Play Only Bonus can never be withdrawn to the player’s account – only the actual winnings won by the player whilst making use of the Play Only Bonus amount.  The original bet amount is returned to the retainer account, and the winnings are available to withdraw to the player’s own account.

The second type of online casino free bonus offer is the Withdrawable Bonus.  This bonus may be withdrawn to the player’s own personal account – typically on condition that a specified number of wagers must be made using the Withdrawable Bonus amount, before it can be paid out.

Winning and losing bets both count in making up the minimum number of wagers.  It’s all down to lady luck as to which way the chips will fall.

Players would also do well to familiarise themselves with the time requirement placed on the bonus, if any.  Some casinos specify that the bonus must be cashed out within a certain time frame.  Allowing the bonus to lapse will result in any amounts not being withdrawn being forfeited by the player.

Online Casino Free Bonus VIP Programs

VIP loyalty programs, along with free bonus offers, aim to return something to the player in exchange for loyalty to the casino.  Special benefits, cash back offers and bonus prizes are all part of the deal.  VIP loyalty programs work on a points system – the more points accumulated, the bigger and higher the level of the reward.

Points are typically only scored on paid games, with some games earning more points than others.  Games with a higher house edge usually accumulate more points than those with a lower house edge.  Online casinos in Canada are well-known for extraordinary VIP programs, offering a large selection of incentives to loyal players.

Online casino free bonus offers and online VIP loyalty programs are typically more lucrative than bonuses and loyalty programs offered by Canadian land-based casinos.  Cash back rewards are especially popular among online players in Canada, establishing a sense of loyalty and thus ensuring that players keep coming back on a regular basis.

online casino bonus

How to Maximise an Online Casino Bonus

Players in Canada are fortunate to be living in the virtual golden-age of the online casino industry, as there are literally hundreds and thousands of online casinos to choose from. Since the industry is a highly competitive one, many casinos have to go out of their way to offer players the best service, the widest range of games, and also the most lucrative online casino bonus to players.

An online casino bonus can really set a player up when creating an account for the first time, as the best sites will match the first deposit, effectively doubling the playing potential. This extra boost can really give new players the much needed confidence to start enjoying themselves.

Multiple Sign Ups Multiple Bonuses

Even though the online casino industry is strictly controlled by the government in Canada, players will find that there is no shortage of offshore casinos to choose from. Many online casinos now offer their services to players in Canada, accept CAD, and some even let players play in their currency, which allows for more ease of use.

However, one of the most fantastic things about signing up to an online casino is the lucrative online casino bonus which is sure to follow. If you’ve done your research and have found more than one site that you’re happy with, there is nothing stopping you from signing up to more than one site and enjoying more than one online casino bonus. Remember, the more credits available, the more fun can be had.

Loyalty will be Rewarded

While new customers are very important to online casinos, returning customers are the absolute backbone of the online casino industry. While some players may sign up, enjoy the initial online casino bonus, deplete their funds and never return, other customers in Canada will continuously return to casino where they had the most success and the most fun.

Returning customers make online casinos happy, and as such the top rated sites will offer an online casino bonus to customers who regularly enjoy the sights and sounds of their favourite online casinos. If you’ve been missing from the tables and slots for a while, some casinos will offer a further online casino bonus simply for returning to the site.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

While some players in Canada may become overwhelmed by the initial online casino bonus which most sites offer and blow all their credit too quickly, the best way to maximise the bonus to start off slow and steady. It’s easy to be unsuccessful when playing online if you don’t know how a game works, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics before delving in too deep. There is a well-known saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and this can also be applied to playing casino games online as well.

The top online casinos allow players to enjoy a few rounds of a slot game for free, where no winnings will be credited to the players account, but players can use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of a particular game. Not all games have the same game mechanics, and there is no point in blowing an online casino bonus on a game you’re unsure of.

Glitz slot

The Sparkling Glitz Online Slot

An innovative approach to reel layouts is always welcome and Glitz online slot by Williams Interactive Games is definitely an innovative game. It features a reel layout that is split into two halves but still function as one.

There are 60 paylines available to make winning combinations on. There are 5 reels, but the amounts of rows vary on the reels.

Glitz slot features one main free spins bonus game, but there are 3 way to trigger it. This slot is available for real money wagering, but not for mobile play.

The Unique Reel Layout

Glitz is an online slot with a unique reel layout. On the left half of the reels there are 2 reels with 2 rows. On the right hand side you will find 3 reels with 4 rows.

Both reel sets are in fact one and combinations can be formed along the middle rows of both reels. The main function of these split reels is to trigger the game’s bonus feature which is triggered in one of 3 ways.

The Glitz Free Spins Feature

The first and easiest way to trigger the main feature is to land 4 matching symbols on the left-hand reels. This can also include one or more wild symbols.

Glitz online slot will now award you with 5 free spins. When the free spins start, the symbols on the left hand reel will remain locked in place for the duration of the free spins.

The Second Free Spin Trigger

The second way to trigger free spins in Glitz online slot is to land 3 of the golden dollar scatter symbols on the rand hand set of reels. Again, 5 free spins are awarded and you will be taken to a new screen before the spins start.

You now take part in a picking game. Clicking on a jewellery box will reveal one of the game symbols which will now fill all 4 positions on the left hand reel while the free spins run.

The Third Free Spins Trigger

The third and final way to trigger the free spin round is to combine the above two triggers. If you land 4 matching symbols on the left reel and 3 scatter symbols on the right reel, 20 free spins will be yours. Again, the left hand reel symbols will remain locked in place while the free spins run down.

The Substitute Wild Symbol

The game symbol that says Wild is the Glitz online slot substitute symbol. This symbol will act as a replacement symbol for any of the standard symbols with the exception of the gold dollar scatter symbol.

If this symbol gets picked during the bonus feature as the sticky symbol on the left most reel during the free spins, big wins can be awarded to you.

The On Reel Gem Collection

Glitz online slot features gems and precious stones as the reel symbols. The G symbol and Diamond symbol is the highest value standard symbols and they offer jackpots of 200x and 150x.

The rest of the symbols are all various  cut and coloured gems and stones that all require 3 matching symbols at least before they shower you with cash.

Giants Gold slot

Giants Gold Slot By Williams Interactive Games

Giants Gold slot is a colossal reel slot from Williams Interactive Games. Colossal reel slots have two sets of reels, one smaller main set with five reels and four symbols per reel, and one big set with five reels and twelve sets of symbols per reel. In total the game has 100 paylines, all of which are adjustable and can be played for as little as 0.10 and all the way up to 100 coins for all of the lines. Winning lines do not continue from one set of reels to the next. Giants Gold slot is a game for players of all budgets and experience levels. The colossal reels will appeal to experienced players as will the medium volatility of the game which leads to consistent small wins.

Colossal Reels

The layout of Giants Gold slot is a different one to many other online and mobile slot games. Two sets of reels take up most of the screen, and with the large amount of symbols found on the reels the game may look a bit too busy on a smaller device. The main set of 5×4 reels is to the right, with the colossal 5×12 to the left. Both sets of reels sit in a green country side with beanstalks climbing around their edges. The graphics in Giants Gold slot are bright, with lots of greens and golds. The symbols are not 3D but are detailed and well designed with visible effort having gone into their creation.  Sound wise the base game has a number of ambient animal noises along with burping giants. The feature however has a unique little rock song that has amusing, theme based lyrics.

Jack And The Beanstalk

Giants Gold slot is based around the story of Jack and the magic beanstalk. Most of the symbols in the game are taken from the story, with the exception of the very lowest ones that are from a deck of poker cards. The reels are full of beans, harps, geese and cows which will pay out up to 300 coins when playing with maximum bet. The high paying symbols are the rather handsome looking giant, the beanstalk and a slightly random scantily clad lady that was not in the original story. Both the giant and his skimpily dressed lady are stacked symbols on both sets of reels.

The beanstalk is not only the highest paying symbol in the game but is also the slots wild symbol. This appears stacked on both sets of reels. If the beanstalk wild takes up an entire reel on the main set it will be transferred to the corresponding reel on the colossal set to turn that whole reel wild too.

Golden Egg Scatter

In the story the giant owns a goose which lays golden eggs. The golden egg is thus the games scatter symbol and can be found stacked on the first, third and fifth reel in both sets. A full reel of golden eggs on the main set of reels will transfer to the colossal set. Finding golden eggs in three or more positions will grant you a number of free spins. During the free spins all wind created on the colossal set of reels will be subject to a 2x multiplier. The free spins can be retriggered for up to 100 spins during the round by finding more golden egg scatters.

Gems Gems Gems slot

Gems Gems Gems Slot From Williams Interactive Games

Gems Gems Gems slot is a sparkly slot in both looks and sound. The game has four sets of reels and is a part of Williams Interactive Games Super Pay Multi Way slot catalogue.  In total there are 80 paylines, which can be played for a very low wager. All of the lines can be played for as little as 0.40 coins, or as many as 80 coins. Gems Gems Gems slot is a pretty low risk game, with the highest payout being 400 coins. This is a game that may intrigue novice players with its different layout, but experienced players will give it a skip due to its low payouts and lack of special features.

Four Sets of Reels Layout

Gems Gems Gems slot has different look to other online slots when it comes to its layout. Four sets of reels take up the screen, with the main one being to the left of the other three. Each set has five reels and three symbols per reel. This means that technically there are 20 reels in play with each spin. Each set works independently from the others except to grant free spin multipliers.

The graphics in Gems Gems Gems slot are very clear and modern looking. All of the gems are sparkly and look 3D. That being said he only symbols in the game are gems and the games logo. The reels sit on a plain blue background with the player info set out below in large yellow blocks. Aside from the four reels, Gems Gems Gems slot is a quite easy one to understand in terms of layout and betting options.

Reels of Gems

Not surprisingly Gems Gems Gems slot is full of gems. All of the symbols are different coloured gems, except for the games logo which is the game’s wild symbol. This can be found on any reel and will replace all other symbols except for the Blue Diamond feature icon. The rest of the symbols are variously coloured gems, which are all worth various amounts for three to five of them in a row on an active payline.

Blue Diamond Spins

The Blue Diamond icon is the games feature icon that will trigger the free spins. These can appear on any of the reels, but the more you find over the different sets, the higher your multiplier will end up being. Three or more Blue Diamonds will grant you with an initial ten free spins. Finding only three of these on the first set of reels will get you a 3x multiplier. Triggering the free spins on two sets of reels will bet you ten free spins and a 6x multiplier. Three sets of reels will equal ten free spins and a nine times multiplier. Finally triggering the free spins on all four sets of reels will grant you with ten free spins and a 12 times multiplier. These free spins can also always be retriggered during the round by finding more Blue Diamonds. Any multipliers awarded during the initial triggering round will stay active throughout all of the free spins.

Fire Queen slot

 Fire Queen Slot By Williams Interactive Gaming

Fire Queen slot is one of Williams Interactive Gaming’s Double Money Burst slots. The game has a very different reel layout to other online slot machines. Three sets of reels offer 100 optional paylines. Players can make use of as many or as few paylines as they wish. The lines can also be worth anything from 0.01 coins up to 2 coins for two lines, making Fire Queen slot a game that will suit players of all budgets.  The layout however may be confusing for novice players as it does take a while to get used to.

Three Sets of Reels

Fire Queen slot has a rather different layout that will take a while to get used to. Three sets of reels take up most of the screen, with the two leftmost ones being 2×2 and the one on the right being 3×6. The bottom half of the screen has 50 paylines and the top half has the other 50 paylines. Some symbols that are found on the 2×2 reels will transfer to the 3×6 reels.

Fire Queen slot has modern graphics that are very detailed and crisply drawn. Everything in the slot focuses around the element of fire, including the background noise which is a constant crackling of burning logs. The reels sit in front of an arched window, with a number of candles which doesn’t tell us much about the story line but is well drawn.

Fiery Symbols

Fire Queen slot is all about fire, and the creatures that are related to it. The reels are full mystical creatures and plants and of course the Fire Queen herself. The Fire Queen is the games highest paying symbol, awarding you with 800 coins for five of her in a row. She is also the games wild symbol and will replace any other symbol in the game except for the bonus symbol. Below her on the pay scale can be found a firebird or Phoenix, a fiery horse, a fiery orchid and a dragon pendant. These vary in value from 600 coins for five firebirds to 250 coins for five dragon pendants in a row on an active payline. The mid range symbols are a ring, a candle and a vial of potion. Poker card icons make up the very bottom of the paytable.

Transferring Wild

The Fire Queen wild acts in a rather unique way compared to other wild symbols. It will replace all symbols except for the scatter, and will also jump reels like a spark on a grass roof. If she appears on one of the 2×2 reels, she will jump across to the 3×6 reel system and appear on any of the reels there. If she turns up on reels nine, ten or eleven though, she will expand to cover the entire reel, turning the whole thing wild.

Free Spins and A 100x Multiplier

Scattered crystal balls can be found anywhere on the reels. There are two ways in which this symbol can grant access to the free spins round. Four scatters on the 2×2 reels or on reels five to eight will give you five free spins.  Filling up the 2×2 reels and finding three additional scatters on the 3×6 reels will get you 20 free spins. During the free spins round a multiplier will be applied to your wins. This multiplier can get as high as 100x your bet.


Elvis the King Lives slot

Elvis the King Lives Slot From Williams Interactive Games

Elvis the King Lives slot is all about Rock n Roll legend Elvis Presley. The game has an unusual layout, with three sets of reels instead of the normal one set. The eighty paylines can be played for as little as 0.40 and as high as 200 coins for all of them. Elvis the King Lives slot is a game with a wide wagering margin, which means that players of all budgets will find a happy medium within its limits. The unique reel layout and features will attract both novice and experienced players.

Realistic Graphics

Elvis the King Lives slot is not a 3D game and does not stand out in a crowd of online slots with detailed modern graphics. All of the symbols and designs in Elvis the King Lives slot are done in 2D and look like realistic drawings. The colours are not particularly bright and there are very little animations. The layout of the game is quite different however with the three sets of reels taking up most of the screen. The two left most reels are 2×2 with the bigger rightmost reel being 3×6. Behind the reels is a blue stage with spotlights. The player info is all done up to look like an old school juke box to the left of all of the reels.

Long Live the King

Elvis the King Lives slot is all about Elvis Presley who was known as the King of Rock. Most of the symbols in the game are based around this famous singer and his various number one hits. The most lucrative symbols in the game are four pictures of the King himself. Two headshots will pay out 1250 coins for five of each in a row on an active payline. Two full figure icons will award you with 750 coins for five of a kind. Mid range symbols are all about his songs; a teddy bear, blue suede shoes, a hound dog and a guitar. Lower paying symbols are taken from a deck of poker cards and run nine though to Ace.

One of the Elvis headshots is also the wild symbol. This can be recognised by the word Elvis behind the picture. This symbol can replace all other symbols in the game except for the record feature symbol.

Elvis Feature

The feature symbol in Elvis the King Lives slot is a picture of an old school LP or vinyl record. This is the key to the free spins which can be triggered in a number of ways. Five free spins will be granted if you manage to find three or more feature symbols on reels nine to eleven. Five free spins will also be unlocked if you can find four record features on reels five to eight or reels one to four. Twenty free spins can be awarded by getting 3 vinyl symbols on reels one to four or on reels five to eight along with landing three or more Elvis Feature symbols on the larger set of reels. If you do manage to unlock all twenty free spins they will come along with a cash prize of 100 times your wager.

Best casino bonuses no deposit

How To Find The Best Casino Bonuses No Deposit

The best casino bonuses no deposit are basically a no deposit bonus which is offered by online casinos. The online casinos do this in order to attract new players to their proverbial doors. These new players can be either totally new to the casino world, or new to just that particular casino. There are so many online casinos these days, all offering no deposit bonuses and other bonuses that it may be difficult to distinguish which is the best casino bonuses no deposit from amongst the crowd.

Using The Internet To Access A Casino Bonus

To be a part of an online casinos bonuses or promotions you will need to have an internet connection and a device to play the games on. This device can be either a computer such as a desktop or a laptop, or even a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet. Smart or mobile devices have become very popular for accessing online casinos as they allow players to play the games from pretty much anywhere in the Philippines as long as they have an internet connection.

Once you have connected your device or computer to the internet, you can use your search engine in your web browser to look for the best casino bonuses no deposit. These bonuses will be offered by casinos which require you to download their software, or by casinos which allow you to play their games using your web browser. To narrow down your results you can enter which of these you prefer.

How A No Deposit Bonus Works

A no deposit bonus is a bonus which is aimed at new players to the casino. To attract these players and give them a taste of what the casino has to offer, they will be granted a small amount of either real money or casino credits with which to play some of the casinos games. Not all games will be available with a no deposit bonus. This real money or casino credits are given to the player before they have to enter any real money of their own into their account at the casino.

Rules Regarding No deposit Bonuses

Every no deposit bonus will come with a strict set of rules and regulations to ensure that the casino and the player have a fair and enjoyable interaction. The major rule with a no deposit bonus is a wager requirement. A wager requirement is the amount of times that the player has to wager the money back into the casino before they can draw it out. Casino credits most often can’t be drawn out at all as they are what is called a sticky bonus, as in they stick to the casino which gave them out and cannot be used anywhere else.

Other rules regarding a no deposit bonus could be that you can only have one bonus going at the casino at a time. So if there are other bonuses aimed at new players, you will only be able to make use of one. When that one is finished you can apply for the rest.

When looking for the best casino bonuses no deposit, make sure that you pick one which is available to people in your area, for example the Philippines and make sure that the online casino which is offering it does not have too many strict rules attached to it.

Welcome Bonus Casino No Deposit

Welcome Bonus Casino No Deposit Slots Explained

In the Philippines and all over the world, slot games have become the most popular type of casino game played online. It is easy to see why as modern video slots offer full-on entertainment as well as the chance to win big. While almost all online casinos offer free slots, the biggest advantage of playing online is being able to win real money. The good news is that online casinos offer welcome no deposit bonuses that give players the chance to play for real money without the risk. We take a look at how to play welcome bonus casino no despots slot online.

Casino Rewards Without a Deposit

When it comes to casino bonuses, most people think that they are exclusively for players who make a deposit into their online account. The truth is that all top-rated online casinos in the Philippines offer no deposit bonuses as well as real money bonuses. Unlike real money bonuses, no deposit bonuses are given to players just for signing up. If you want to start playing welcome bonus casino no deposit slots, the first step is to find a reputable online casino that offers free no deposit welcome bonuses.

If you do a quick search you will find that there are plenty of online casinos in the Philippines who offer welcome no deposit bonuses. The reason is that many players are hesitant switch over and play for real money. By playing welcome bonus casino no deposit slots, players will get a chance to experience what it is like to play and win real money online, even if it is for just a short amount of time. To qualify for a no deposit bonus, players must sign up for a free online casino account and activate their account.

Cash in Your Account

As soon as you have activated your online casino account, the casino will reward you with a welcome no deposit bonus. In the Philippines, these welcome bonuses generally come in two forms, they are either a cash bonus or a free spins bonus. In the case of a no deposit cash bonus, the casino will deposit a small amount of cash in your online casino account as soon as you sign up. You can then use the cash to play welcome bonus casino no deposit slot games straight away.

Free Spins No Deposit Welcome Bonus

The second type of welcome no deposit bonus is the free spins bonus. Again, players must sign up with the online casino and activate their account. Most online casinos in the Philippines will offer free spins as well as a cash bonus as part of a welcome package. Once your account is activated, the casino will reward you with a certain number of free spins.

You can then use these free spins to play welcome bonus casino no deposit slot games featured at the casino. When players have used up their free spins or cash bonus, they can swap over and play the same slot games for free. The aim of no deposit bonuses is to get players used to the idea of playing for real money so that they can make a deposit and continue playing and winning online.