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Discovering Philippines’ Top Online Casino Bonus Options

Games of chance have been popular for hundreds of years in the Philippines, and since 1977 locals and tourists alike have been free to enjoy their casino thrills in land-based operations run by state regulator PAGCOR. To date, however, all these casinos remain clustered around Manila, so they aren’t within easy reach of every citizen scattered throughout the republic’s myriad islands. The advent of Internet gaming has brought much more convenient casino access to Philippine gambling fans, while introducing top online casino bonus offers.

This is a perk entirely absent in land-based casinos. Constant competition for players online means that at every top online casino, bonus promotions will be a regular, standard feature. They offer the player free chances to win real money, so their popularity is not hard to understand.

What Do Top Online Casino Bonuses Offer?

Casino enthusiasts in the Philippines who have visited any online casino review sites will be familiar with casino bonus offers already. Most of these sites feature adverts for various online casinos, with cash amounts prominently displayed. This is a free top-up added to the player’s account when they choose to play the featured game at the casino offering the bonus. A top online casino bonus could also be a designated number of free spins on slots, which the player can either use on their favourite slots title, or may be required to use on a slot that the casino is trying to encourage more action on.

Players should bear in mind that even in a top online casino, bonus offers are promotional incentives. As such, they come with terms and conditions, including rules about the conditions required before players can withdraw winnings. Some will require a certain number of spins or bets with bonus stakes, while others may insist that the player makes an initial minimum deposit before the bonus matches or exceeds it. Experience will teach players which bonus rules best suit their playing style, so they should read the top online casino bonus terms and conditions carefully to identify the most worthwhile offers.

Huge Variety of Games at Their Fingertips

Although every different casino obviously has its own selection of games, the dozens of online sites that accept players from the Philippines means that almost any land-based casino title is available to Philippine gamers online. Review sites are again a useful resource, as they allow players to search for their favourite games using a number of filters, and they will direct player to casinos that host them. Most review sites also include a list of the top online casino bonus offers as they change on a daily basis.

A welcome bonus when a player first registers at an online casino is now an industry standard. Welcome bonuses usually consist of free slots spins, set no-deposit cash amounts with which to wager, or deposit-matching bonus that may double or triple the player’s initial deposit. By checking the top online casino bonus options on offer daily, a dedicated casino aficionado can sample more games and more casinos, while standing a chance to make real wins, at lower personal risk.

Don’t Forget Security

Top online casino bonuses make play more rewarding, but it goes without saying that online security remains paramount. Apart from terms and conditions, players should also check any online casinos for proper banking encryption, game audits and a reputation for fair treatment, before they commit to playing there.

The best casino online

What Constitutes the Best Casino Online?

There are millions of avid gamblers in the Philippines, and more and more of them are discovering the joy of playing at online casinos. Although all of the online casinos licensed in the Philippines are only allowed to accept foreign players logging in from abroad, there is no law preventing Filipinos from playing at online casinos based and licensed in other nations. So the first criterion to check off on any list ranking the best casino online for Philippine players would be: ‘One based in another country’!

But apart from the very basic must-have of accessibility, it is difficult to try and make an objective determination of the best casino online. Every gambler has a slightly different scale of priorities, so it really is a personal choice based on what is most important to the individual. Perhaps the only yardstick that all Filipino players could agree on is that a site must be Philippine-friendly. It needs to offer them fast, satisfactory service in their choice of English or Spanish, and have banking and currency options that Filipinos find convenient.

Safety and Customer Service also Primary Considerations

Internet banking security is no joke, so it goes without saying that the best casino online must offer ironclad encryption to keep the customers’ bank accounts safe from hackers. Privacy is important too. Reputable online casinos will never sell players’ contact details on to third parties for the purposes of spamming or phishing, so when players are deciding on the best casino online serving the Philippines, they need to check privacy policies as well.

Customer satisfaction is obviously also important. Online review sites are a good resource to weed out the disreputable operations that renege on payments or do not offer satisfactory dispute resolution. They will also point out the good sites with great reputations for paying players promptly and offering efficient customer service 24/7. These days, there is no reason why a site shouldn’t offer customer support via live chat online, available all hours. If a site hopes to be acclaimed as the best casino online, it needs to come up to scratch in this area too.

Check that Games have been Audited

Online casinos games rely on Random Number Generators, aka RNG, to digitally duplicate the random results of cards, dice, bingo balls, spinning roulette wheels or the mechanical slot machine. For games to be fair, a sine qua non for any operation aspiring to be the best casino online, they need to be tested by impartial auditors to ensure the RNG software is generating truly random results. Reputable sites will display a link to their audit certificates on their home page.

Opt for a Strict Gaming Authority

Different gaming authorities in different places have varying standards when it comes to policing the conduct of the operations they license. Ironically, the Cagayan Freeport, which is the only independent authority in the Philippines able to license online casinos, has a reputation for very strict oversight, but none of the casinos it licenses are accessible to Filipino players.

So players in the Philippines who want to identify and play at the best casino online will need to choose one based in a foreign jurisdiction that monitors and enforces the rules just as strictly. This is in their best interests, because in the event of any disputed claims, the laws of the licensing jurisdiction will apply.

sign up bonus no deposit casino

Sign-Up Bonus; No-Deposit Casino Entertainment

Thanks to the sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino entertainment is even more attractive to online gamblers in the Philippines. Filipinos are not legally barred from online casinos registered and licensed in other nations, and with the Philippines enjoying some of the best internet connectivity in south-east Asia, online operations are often much more accessible to citizens scattered across more than 7,000 islands than Manila’s land-based casinos.

However, players should also understand that the sign-up bonus no-deposit casino is not a specific category. Almost all online casino sites will offer no-deposit sign-up bonuses. These are a primary means of competition between the many sites online, as they try to attract more customers. Some casinos offer deposit-matching bonuses instead, in which the player must first make an initial deposit, but then the casino will match it, or even double or triple it.

View Bonuses on Offer in the Philippines

Whether a player in the Philippines is specifically seeking  sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino action, or they are happy with matching deposit bonuses, they will be able to find casinos online that suit them. Some basic precautions are in order, of course. Gamblers must ensure that the security, privacy and fairness standards of a site are up to scratch, and they should also check reviews so they can be confident they are playing at an establishment that pays winnings promptly and resolves customer complaints to their satisfaction.

Compilation sites and review sites are a good place for newcomers to online gaming to start. These sites will usually display a list on their homepage that updates the various sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino packages on offer on any given day. So they can make a handy one-stop resource to check what’s available before each session of play.

Any Games they Like, All the Time

Apart from instant convenience despite the Philippines’ geographical constraints, and bonuses that land-based casinos don’t offer, constant availability is a third factor that makes online casinos popular in the republic. Overcrowding, or a machine or table getting too popular, does not happen in cyberspace; a player never has to wait for a machine to become available before they can enjoy their  sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino rewards.

Online casino operations also labour constantly to ensure that all the games players can find in land-based casinos are also available online, so there are new titles launched at online and mobile casinos frequently. So player can revel in great variety while they enjoy their sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino action too.

Heed the Terms and Conditions

Nothing is more frustrating than a player using sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino packages to make lucky wins at an online establishment, and then being denied their winnings. At reputable online casinos, this only happens when the player fails to read the terms and conditions of the bonus offer carefully.

All promotional offers come with terms and conditions, and sign-up bonus, no-deposit casino specials are definitely promotional offers. Most Ts and Cs will outline strict conditions which the player must comply with before they can withdraw any winnings made on bonus bets, so it is important that players read and understand the Ts and Cs correctly.


Exploring Online Golf Betting and the Masters

Online golf betting with the Masters Tournament does likely have a fair bit involved between the two of them and so punters that do decide to join in the betting action in this regard should look to cover all of the bases looked at here, to just ensure that the setup they are following will lead them to the right form of golf betting online, in a relatively safe and inviting environment online.

To begin with we shall start by analysing the fundamentals of the major tournament this betting operation will be ultimately based on. The name of this tournament is the Masters Championship and as the title does rather suggest it houses some of the best players in the business. The event itself was first held in the year 1934 and has therefore got quite a long history of pitting players against each other on the green. Like the other three majors this tournament is held annually and so will offer the players regular opportunities of betting live when it does come around, creating an exciting opportunity on the regular. Additionally it is the first to be played of the majors each year and will usually start in April.

This Top Tournament and the Betting Involved

Online sports betting tends to offer punters a range of possibilities based on the diversity of the sport involved at the time. This means that for each form of sport game there is a particular betting setup available, and the players looking for some top level mobile golf betting sites would do well to search along the scope of some of the more prestigious events involved in the game of golf. Of this there are the four major competitions to look out for of course, and in this particular case the majority of the focus is put onto the shoulders of the Masters Tournament. Like the most of the other major tourneys and golfing events in general, this one features international players from around the world, has a decent viewer base and of course has some competent betting involved.

Moving beyond the golfing competition in question for the moment though and rather scoping out other aspects related to the golf betting there is still actually quite a bit to cover. In this pursuit players will find that like most of the other possibilities for sports betting the setup of the available bets are done so with similar setup to the structure of the game they’re fundamentally based, a factor which makes intuitive sense. Therefore punters playing the Masters should find a good couple of recognisable betting options.

Getting Involved in the Online Betting Action

Before the punters jump straight into the betting in and around the Masters Tournament there are a few more aspects of the situation they may need to discover. Fortunately for the punters this sort of information is best not learned through rote and rather by experience and practice, something that may make the resultant quite a lucrative projection.

Horse Racing Events

Major Horse Racing Events for Online Betting

Horse racing has become one of the most popular betting sports anywhere in the world. Online horse betting offers bettors a multitude of betting options ranging from straight win bets to more exotic bets. Picking the right horse could mean walking away with some seriously big winnings. In the world of horse racing, there are many major horse races that take place throughout the year. We take a look at some of the major horse racing events on the international calendar.

The Grand National

If you are familiar with horse racing, you have probably heard of the Grand National. First run in 1839, the Grand National is an annual horse race held at Aintree Racecourse in England. It is considered to be one of the major horse racing events on the international racing calendar and attracts spectators and bettors from all around the globe. The Grand National is a handicap steeplechase race run over a distance of 4 miles 3½ furlongs or 7,141 meters.

The race has two circuits with horses jumping a total of 30 fences and is open to horses seven years old and up.  The Grand National is considered to one of the most important horse racing events in Europe and the specifically the most important jump race. The total prize money for 2016 was a cool £1,000,000.

The Melbourne Cup

Moving across the ocean, the Melbourne Cup is an annual thoroughbred horse race held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne Australia. The Melbourne Cup is one of the world’s richest horse races and one of the most important horse racing events on the international racing calendar. The popularity of the race has earned it the nickname as the race that stops a nation. The Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday each November and is hosted by the Victoria Racing Club. It is open to three-year-olds and up and run over a total distance of 3200 meters. The first Melbourne Cup race was held in 1961 and run in front of 4000 spectators. In 2014, the total prize money for cup was $6,200,000.

The Kentucky Derby

In the USA, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse racing betting events in America. It is a grade I stakes race for three-year-old thoroughbreds and is run over a distance of 2 kilometres. It is the second oldest horse race in the country with the track built on old farmland in Louisville Kentucky. The first Kentucky Derby was held in 1875 with 10 000 spectators in attendance. At home, the race is commonly referred to as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” This is in reference to the time it takes for the horses to complete the race. The race is also affectionately known as the run for the roses as the winning is draped with 554 red roses. The Kentucky Derby forms part of the US Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. The other events that make up the Crown include the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. A horse that wins all three races will win the Triple Crown.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The Caribbean Stud Trend in Video Poker

Caribbean Stud poker is an action-style poker game with a video poker pay table that is ideal for the mobile casino playing mind-set. There is increasing demand for games that are shorter and faster across the entire gaming portfolio and this is exemplified by the game of Caribbean Stud.

Shorter games that consist of purely high-action moments, and leave out all the time consuming waiting, betting, thinking and drawing of cards have grown in popularity in direct proportion to the expansion in mobile play. The growth of mobile access to everything has led to a re-orientation of gaming software development in order to satisfy this burgeoning market. Caribbean Stud is symptomatic of this evolution and the fact that everything seems to be speeding up.

Describing the Game of Caribbean Stud

The game of Caribbean Stud can be played by up to seven players. There is a single dealer and the game utilises a standard 52 card pack with no jokers. The basic format of this casino game is a direct one on one game versus the dealer. Other players’ cards have no bearing on the game.

The objective of Caribbean Stud is to beat the dealer. Any player that achieves this will receive their initial bet, or ante, paid out at 1:1, as well as their bet money paid out video poker style at the Caribbean Stud casino pay table rates.

The criteria within this objective are that the dealers’ hand must contain at least one ace or king in order to qualify. Should the dealer not qualify then, irrespective of the hand dealt, the players’ ante bet is paid out at even money but the wager bet is carried over.

Should the dealers’ hand contain the minimum requirements, then the dealers’ hand is compared to the players’ hand in the standard poker game showdown way. In the event, then, of the dealer having the better hand, the player will lose both his ante as well as the bet wager. Players need to learn how to maximise their wins, and reduce their losses, because both are part and parcel of the Caribbean Stud game.

Strategic Nuances in This Game

Caribbean Stud played online or on mobile is a high intensity game. Play is directly against the banker in two rounds of betting. Each round of this game is concluded relatively quickly, a factor that suits shorter game time opportunities such as tea breaks or standing in a queue.

Caribbean Stud can be enjoyed either as a downloadable Canadian casino online game, or played instantly at casinos through the browser. The attractions of the game are that it is largely based on luck and contains a large element of risk, given that players make a decision based purely on their hand and knowing a single card in the dealers’ hand.

The Caribbean Stud risk factor is offset by the pay table odds. This contributes to the lucrative video poker jackpots that make the game so attractive. A Full House, for instance, pays out at 7 to 1, and the best hand, a Royal Flush pays out at 200 to 1. This may vary and players are encouraged to look for the best available odds as this can make a significant difference.

Poker is intrinsically a thoroughly exciting card game, and the reason video poker is so popular. This new format, Caribbean Stud, is characteristic of modern game play trends and has created many a new video poker aficionado.


Caribbean Stud

The Caribbean Stud Poker Experience

Video poker began being played in 1975 as a casino game. The original attraction was described as being the fact that this was like playing poker at a slot machine. With the advent of the internet, and the ability to play casino games online and at home, the line between video poker and poker online became blurred. Caribbean Stud poker is a short sharp style of poker that has elements of both online poker play as well as video poker and is therefore on the edge of video poker play.

This is, in fact, why Caribbean Stud poker is considered to be an excellent example of the current modern online gaming trends. The condensed and simplified style of game play so suitable to mobile devices and instant play features has gone through a huge boost in popularity and Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Tetris are perfect examples. Caribbean Stud is simply a condensed and simplified version of online and video poker.

Fast High-Action Game Play

Caribbean Stud online games are very brief affairs, with a large element of chance involved. The game offers significant pay-outs, but players take on the dealer without being able to see four of the dealers’ five cards. Their saving grace if the fact that the dealer needs at least an ace and a king in his hand to prevent the player immediately winning their ante back.

From this moment on Caribbean Stud plays like a video poker game with pay out being made to the player according to the standard pat table. In detail, although it is often a good idea to compare the odds on all video poker games and online casinos, Caribbean Stud pays out 7 to 1 odds on the Full House, and 200 to 1 on a Royal Flush.

The Rules and Game Description

Caribbean Stud poker is a casino game that is based on the standard 5-card stud poker rules. The game begins with players placing a bet on the ante. They have an option to place another ante bet on the jackpot too. Thereafter the player and the dealer are dealt 5 cards. The players’ cards are face-up and one of the dealers’ is face-up. The player would then decide whether to call or to fold. Should they decide to call, this means doubling the ante bet, whilst choosing to fold means forfeiting the ante.

As soon as the player decides to call the bet, the dealers’ hand is revealed and compared. In order to qualify, the dealer needs to have at least an Ace and a King or better. If the dealer qualifies and still the player wins the hand, the ante bet pays out at 1:1, with the call bet being paid out according to the pay table. If the player loses, then all the bets in the hand are deemed lost.

There are no community cards like in Hold’em poker, or draw cards dealt in Caribbean Stud. The standard rules and rankings of regular video poker hands apply in Caribbean Stud, although when playing this game, the additional ante bet factor needs to be considered in the statistics.



Underwater World slot

Guide to Underwater World Slot

Shades of blue and the vibrant colours of ocean life dominate Underwater World slot. The online slot from Blue Gem has five reels as well as 10 fixed paylines.

Its high-definition graphics include themed backgrounds and reel symbols. Among the symbols on the reels are two that are linked to the game’s bonus features.

One of them is a Wild symbol, while the other is a Free Spins symbol, which acts as a Scatter symbol and triggers the slot’s bonus games.

Underwater World Set-Up and Play

Before spinning the Underwater World slot reels, settings must be adjusted to suit the player’s preference. The adjustable settings include the value of the coins played in the game, and the number of coins bet per payline.

The number of paylines in play is fixed at 10, which means they cannot be adjusted. The value of the coins ranges between 0.01 and 1.00, and between one and five coins can be bet per line.

The Spin button spins the reels when it is selected, and the Bet Max button places the maximum bet allowed by the game, which is 50.00 per spin. The Auto Spin button provides access to settings that can be used to make the online slot play itself.

Symbols on Underwater World Slot Reels

The Underwater World slot reels are transparent, so the symbols are given the effect of being suspended near the ocean floor. The symbols themselves are a combination of themed high value and bonus symbols, and standard low value symbols.

The themed symbols include a greenish-yellow starfish, a red crab with big eyes, and a large blue octopus, as well as an air bubble and a clam shell. The air bubble is the Wild symbol, and the clam shell is the Free Spins Scatter symbol.

The low value symbols include colourful 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols that are reminiscent of sea slugs and other strange marine creatures.

All Underwater World symbols except the Free Spins Scatter pay when they appear from left to right, in consecutive order, on a payline. The combinations pay out according to the Pay Table, which can be seen in a second screen.

Above each of the reels is a multiplier reel. If a spin produces an online slots casino winning combination, the multiplier reels will spin, and each will produce a multiplier of between 1x and 5x. The multipliers are then added together, and the payout multiplied by that result.

Underwater World Wild Symbol

The Underwater World slot air bubble Wild is one of the most powerful symbols on the reels. This symbol can substitute for all the other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the Free Spins Scatter.

The Wild will substitute for other symbols only when it lands on the reels and can help other symbols form a winning combination. Furthermore, as many as three Wilds can appear on a reel in one spin.

This means they can form a stack on the reel, which could potentially lead to several more winning combinations.

Underwater World Free Spins Scatter

Unlike the other Underwater World slot symbols, the clam shell Free Spins Scatter symbol does not need to appear in specific positions to trigger the free spins round. It can do so from anywhere on the reels.

The number of spins received in the round depends on the number of Scatters that triggered the round. If three symbols appear, 10 free spins are awarded; if four symbols appear, 15 free spins are awarded; and if five symbols appear, 20 free spins are awarded.


The Robets slot

A Guide to the Robets Slot Online

The Robets slot from Blue Gem is all about a robotic family that has settled into suburban life, white picket fence and family dog included. The video online slot has five reels, 20 paylines, and a progressive jackpot.

Several bonus features are included in the game. They are a Wild symbol, a Scatter that offers payouts, a Scatter that triggers a Pick-a-Prize bonus game, and a bonus symbol that triggers a Click-Me game.

Betting Options Available in the Robets Slot

The Robets slot bet settings can be adjusted at the beginning of the game, and at any point during play, while the reels aren’t spinning.

The number of paylines to be played can be selected using the Select Lines button. The Choose Bet button can be used to select a coin denomination from the range between 0.01 and 1.00.

The Line Bet button can be used to bet between one and five coins per active real money online pokies NZ payline, and the Spin button can be used to spin the reels. The Auto Spin button can be used to set the Robets slot to spin the reels by itself for a specified number of spins.

The Robets Slot Reel Symbols

The reel symbols featured in the Robets slot include high value symbols, low value symbols, and bonus symbols.

The two high-value symbols include a robotic dog and a swimming pool filled with oil. If five of the robotic dogs land on an active payline when the game is played at the maximum bet, they will award the progressive jackpot.

The robot father is the Robets slot’s Pick-a-Prize Scatter, the robot mother is the Scatter, the gears are the Click-Me bonus symbol, and the mail box is the Wild symbol.

The low-value symbols are 10, J, Q, K, and A playing card symbols that have been designed to look like metallic sculptures.

The Robets Pick-a-Prize Scatter

The father robot in the Robets slot can appear on any of the reels. If a spin sees three or more of these symbols land in any position on the reels, the Pick-a-Prize bonus game will begin.

The game is played in a room in the house of the robotic family. The player needs to select various items on the shelves to reveal prizes. The selection of items will continue until one of them reveals a Collect sign.

The Robets Slot Scatter

Like the robotic husband symbol, the mother in the Robets slot is a Scatter, which means it can form successful combinations from any position on the reels.

Scatter wins are offered for the appearance of three, four, or five of the robotic mother symbols on the reels. Three pay out 5x the line bet, four pay out 25x the line bet, and five pay out 100x the line bet.

Gears Click-Me Bonus

The appearance of three or more gears symbols anywhere on the Robets slot reels will activate the Click-Me bonus game. The gears only appear on the first, third, and fifth reels.

The game presents three different symbols. One of them must be chosen to win a prize.

The Robets Slot Wild

The Wild symbol in the Robets slot is the mail box. The Wild is limited to the third reel, where it can not only substitute for other symbols, but expand to fill the reel.

When it expands, it can help several other reel symbols form winning combinations. It acts as a sticky Wild if it appears on a spin that triggers free spins.

The McMurphys slot

The McMurphys Slot – From Blue Gem Software

The McMurphys slot is a 3D game released by Blue Gem Software. The game can be found on both mobile and online platforms. The McMurphys slot has a regular layout with five reels and twenty optional paylines. Each line can be played for very little, as low as 0.01 coins. A maximum of five coins per line can be wagered, giving this game a very wide wagering margin which will appeal to all kinds of budgets. The graphics ad bonus games will make the slot interesting for players of all experience levels.

Family Theme

The McMurphys slot is all about a family called the McMurphys. This family has a number of odd members who do some rather odd things. In a thatch roofed house sit five reels with three symbols per reel. Twenty paylines are on offer of which the player can make use of as many or as few as they wish. Very little can be seen behind the reels, only a glimpse of green grass and blue sky. The McMurphys slot is a cheerful slot, which makes you think of a hot Saturday afternoon at home with the family. The soundtrack is unique and involves a happy tune that plays the whole time that the slot is active.

Relative Symbols

The McMurphys slot is full of theme based symbols, all people who are relatives to each other. A brunette lady is at the bottom of the family tree along with a guy who sports a receding hairline and looks like someone’s uncle. Grandpa McMurphy is next in line, worth 100 coins for five of him in a row. A blonde lady who is possibly the Mom and a nerdy guy with a funny hairstyle are the mid paying symbols, both being worth 200 coins for five of a kind. The two top paying base symbols are the families yellow car which is worth 500 coins for five of them in a row on an active payline and the families dog which will get you 1000 coins.

The McMurphys slot does have a wild symbol which is represented by a boy standing in front of a sign that says Wild. This symbol can replace all other symbols in the game except for the bonus symbol. The wild can only be found on reels two three and four.

Bonus Feature

The McMurphys slot has only one bonus feature which is a free spins round. This is triggered by finding three Bonus symbols on any of the reels. You will now be granted a certain amount of free spins depending on how many bonus symbols you found. Three symbols equals three free spins, four symbols six free spins and five bonus symbols will grant you with none free spins. The free spins can be retriggered during the round by finding Bonus Drop symbols.

During the Free Spins round the Dog symbol becomes the key to the jackpot. Five of him in a row will award you with The McMurphys slot’s progressive or standing jackpot. The jackpot varies in value depending on the developer.